Proprintwear’s fitted fencing socks are woven extra-long to provide coverage of the entire lower leg and are engineered with a (2) ply top affording a more comfortable feel. Our socks come equipped with (3) three layers of padding for the stress points in a fencer’s foot and constantly readjust themselves as you move avoiding that bunched up toe common in other so called “Fencing Socks”. Proprintwear’s socks DO NOT fall down as they grip your leg at various points providing the ultimate in support. Best of all they are manufactured with moister wicking material greatly reducing that hot sweaty foot sensation we all dislike.

Your designs are not limited to the above designs.

Proprintwear’s Fencing Socks have been worn by the New York Athletic Club, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Lafayette College, Harvard University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Temple University, University of New Hampshire, University of Pennsylvania, Vassar College and Wellesley College. 

Proprintwear will work with you on the design process and you will receive your Fencing Socks in (8)
weeks once your order hase been placed. 

​Our socks come in X-Large, Large, Medium, Small and X-Small sizes. Please refer to the below listed size chart.
A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to start the “Custom Design” process. The non-refundable deposit will be applied to your order. Once you have approved the “Custom Design”, all orders must be paid in full prior to production inclusive of the estimate shipping costs.  

The customization of Proprintwear’s designs remains the property of Proprintwear with all rights reserved.   Customized designs may NOT be reproduced by any other person(s) and/or companies.
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