Proprintwear’s printing process embeds the design into the fabric portion of the mouse assuring a long lasting and vibrant color dynamic. Poprintwear’s Custom Mouse Pads are Dishwasher Safe!

Please DO NOT placed them in a Dryer, allow them to Air Dry instead. Proprintwear offers Custom Mouse Pads are constructed with a rubber base and fabric topping suitable for washing. They are approximately 9” by 7” size and are wonderful gifts for all.
Proprintwear’s Custom Mouse Pads can incorporate one of our many Fencing, Heritage, Holiday or Religious designs, allowing you to express your creative juices.

Proprintwear can add your “Family Name” to one of our many Heritage Designs in English or the language of your choice. You may alter the “Title” (i.e. change “German American Fencer” to “German Fencer” or “Deutsch Fechter”).

You may alter and/or add additional text to one of our many Fencing Designs, Holiday or Religious Cups (i.e. Change “Fencing Chick” to “Fencing Chicklet” or add a couple’s names to our “Anniversary Designs”).

Please utilize the “Contact Form” below to inquire about Proprintwear’s Custom Mouse Pads.

Proprintwear can work with Fencing Clubs, Fencing Teams and/or other designs to produce Custom Coffee Cups. Pricing for Custom Cups is higher as the designs may vary in detail and the submitted art work usually requires the design to be completely re-drawn to assure a quality product.

Any artwork submitted by a Fencing Club, Fencing Team and/or any other Custom Design must be accompanied by the “Release Statement” below.
A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to start the “Custom Design” process. The non-refundable deposit will be applied to your order. Once you have approved the “Custom Design”, all orders must be paid in full prior to production inclusive of the estimate shipping costs.  

The customization of Proprintwear’s designs remains the property of Proprintwear with all rights reserved.   Customized designs may NOT be reproduced by any other person(s) and/or companies.
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